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Rejectioneers/Lauris Vidal/Matt Butcher/Future Wives at Conundrum

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First off I have yet to write on this website about how much I love Conundrum Music Hall, Columbia’s newest music venue.  I talked about it a little bit last week on The Weekly Monitor, but this place is really great.  Great sound system, great atmosphere and good people running the place.  I checked out my first show there a couple of weeks ago and was all around impressed.

SceneSC will be doing our first show there next Tuesday and it’s one that we are really excited about.

Rejectioneers will be headlining their first show joined by two of Florida’s best singer songwriters Matt Butcher and Lauris Vidal with SceneSC member Ben Kerley opening the show with his new project Future Wives.

In August Rejectioneers released their much awaited EP “25” to a nearly sold out crowd at New Brookland Tavern.  After years of working on the EP, Ben Walker fans finally got a complete glance at his best project ever released.  With that EP now at the forefront, Rejectioneers can play shows with something to solid in hand.

Joining them will be Lauris Vidal who will be playing his second SceneSC sponsored show ever.  Why are we bringing him back?  Because he writes great songs and is a true performer of his music. It was nearly a year ago that Vidal came to the House of Softcore and performed for a small, dedicated crowd and nearly put holes in our wood floors stomping with passion to his songs.

We’ve written about Matt Butcher before, but it was years ago when he came to a cool new Art Space in Greenville.  It was around that time that he had been playing opening dates for The Avett Brothers.  Since then he’s released a new album to a steadily growing audience.  Whether Matt Butcher is playing acoustic or with his full band his songs connect with the listener.  For fans of Ryan Adams and smooth singer songwriters, you might have just been introduced to your newest alt country artist.

Future Wives-julie giani

Opening the show will be Ben Kerley with his Future Wives project.  Future Wives can best be described as a concept band.  Songs about ex girlfriends and the scars and memories they left.  Each song cutting and personal.  Bitter and upfront. A relationship boiled down to a song, and he’s the one on stage bearing it all.  Best of all, each song is named after the girl being painted on the wall by each song.  You hide your journal under your bed, he puts his out for the world to see.


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