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CMJ 2011 Preview: Filligar


I hadn’t even heard of these guys until yesterday when they emailed me but they are very very good. Filligar are a band from Chicago consisting of 3 brothers and a lifelong friend who began playing in their early teens. Their lead vocalist and guitarist Johnny Mathias just graduated from college so they’ll be pursuing music full time now. They have some huge shows at CMJ and their new record will be out in early 2012. They’ve sold out NYC’s Bowery Ballroom before as well as LA’s Troubadour and Chicago’s Lincoln Hall. These are some of the country’s most prestigious clubs so that’s definitely a big deal. Like the other two bands I posted about, these guys are going to be big. I feel like the people attending CMJ are pretty much in a big competition to see the ‘next big band’ first, so if you want to be ahead of the game, check these guys out.

Here are their dates:

10/17: CMJ Kick-off at Pianos (9pm)

10/18: Bowery Presents showcase at Mercury Lounge (midnight)

10/21: RSL Blog’s Outlaw Roadhouse party at Arlene’s Grocery (4:15pm)

10/22: No Pulp Blog showcase at Arlene’s Grocery (8:30pm)

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