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CMJ 2011 Preview: Art Vs. Science

These guys are a three-piece dance band from Sydney, Australia. If you aren’t already convinced, I don’t know what else I can do to convince you. Oh wait, they have a song called Magic Fountain (the video above) and I highly recommend that you watch it. There is an old man with a boombox vest who forces people around him to dance. Yeah. Watch it. They are considered to be one of Australia’s best live acts and I definitely believe it since their music is a ridiculous amount of fun. They’ve been nominated for/won a huge number of ARIA Awards (the Australian equivalent of the Grammys) and they are one of the most enjoyable bands I have ever listened to. They’re playing a brilliant amount of shows over next week so there’s no reason for you not to go see them.

Their dates:

10/19: Tammany Hall – Spotify Party

10/20: NYU Kimmel Centre – CMJ College Day

10/20: (le) poisson rouge – Windish Agency Showcase

10/22: Cameo – PopGun CMJ Party

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