CMJ 2011 Preview: Casiokids

So if you’re coming to CMJ with the thought “I want to see some fun Norwegian synthpop” look no further. These guys are here for you. Casiokids have been described as “the best thing to come out of Norway since black metal” and supposedly they have an incredible live show. I’ve heard that their shows involve shadow puppets, video projections, and animal costumes. You better be already sold. They’re looking to be one of the biggest hits of CMJ with the internet already raving about them all over the place. Also, like many of the bands at this festival, they’re playing a huge number of shows. Don’t make any excuses not to see this band because you’ll be crying for years if you miss them.

Check it out:

Wed 10/19 New York, NY @ CMJ – Public Assembly [Under the Radar Day Party] – 1:35pm
Wed 10/19 New York, NY @ CMJ – Pianos [Windish Showcase] – 12am
Fri 10/21 Brooklyn, NY @ CMJ – Spike Hill [Baeble Music Party] – 12am
Thu 10/20 Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands [Transparant/Pop Gun Showcase] – 2am
Fri 10/21 Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory [AAM Inc Party] – 2:30pm

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