Music Crawl

Music Crawl Preview: Magnetic Flowers

Saturday November 5


Where: Art Bar (Outdoors)


How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard your band?

Umm…I like to think we’re a big goddamn loud rock band. I’ve been asked this question for probably 6 years now and haven’t once felt very comfortable answering it. But, since you’re asking, and since we like you I guess I’d say that we’re lyrically akin to folkier bands (whatever that means) while sonically we really just like to play loud, raucous rock shows. For every gallon of sweat our audience produces we’ll make two. (Assuming someone brings some equiptment for measuring that sort of thing. Beakers?Graduated cylinders?)

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

They’re kind of hard to pin down. Evan’s been listening to a lot of kraut rock, Albert always listens to The Band, Adam listens to himself, Jared’s playing a lot of Harry Nillson these days and I can’t stop playing the new Tom Waits album. For some reason we’re all in a band together.

What other bands are you excited about seeing at Music Crawl?

The line up is packed to the gills with talent, but if I’m forced to pick a few (in no particular order):

Say Brother
The Get Wets
The Unawares
Sea Wolf Mutiny
Hammer No More the Fingers
Coma Cinema

What are you most excited about for the future of your band?

We’re in the process of recording new stuff with a few different people right now and have really had a chance to sonically explore in ways that we haven’t before. We’re working on a track (Fire of ’09) with Mat Cothran (Coma Cinema) and will be doing some tracking with Jeremy Davis (Elonzo) soon. We’re pretty excited about everything right now.

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