Show Preview: The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba w/ Rasputina   The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC

Friday, November 4   9pm   $12  Tickets 

So The Wilderness of Manitoba are not actually headlining this show, Rasputina are, but I would say that The Wilderness of Manitoba are what this show is all about. They’re a 5-piece band hailing from Toronto, Ontario and I’m gonna get this comparison out of the way and say that they sound a whole lot like Fleet Foxes. They still manage to maintain their difference towards other folk bands though. Their music is beautiful and full of unique instrumentation and wonderful voices. Their 4-part harmonies are probably absolutely amazing live and will be great to see in Asheville as this is the type of music I always associate with the city.

Head up to Asheville this Friday to experience a unique show completely suitable for the mountainous environment that surrounds the city.

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