Music Crawl

Music Crawl Preview: Death of Paris

Saturday November 5
Where: Art Bar


How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard your band?

Raw, emotionally charged pop/rock/electro.  It’s very high energy and comes from an honest place.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

From Metric, Garbage,and No Doubt to Bauhaus, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club, Skrillex, and pop-punk.  We come from varying backgrounds in music and we try to use that to our advantage, especially in the new material we have been writing together as a band for the first time. Everything we’re influenced by seems to be in the vein of pop, the 90s, and alt/pop/rock, but lately we’ve been inspired the most by bands we’ve been playing with out on the road.

What other bands are you excited about seeing at Music Crawl?

Marshall Brown – I think he is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.  Other than that, we’ll definitely be making the rounds to catch Octopus Jones, Sweet Vans, and All-New-Badges, just to name a few.

What are you most excited about for the future of your band?

We have an incredible Masquerade show coming up Tuesday November 8th @ Conundrum Music Hall!!  We’re bringing our good friends from Brooklyn Hank & Cupcakes to Columbia and we are so excited that Columbia is finally getting a band like this.  We played with them last Spring at Charleston’s Music Farm and Charlotte’s Amos’ Southend, and they are well on their way to blowing up and we want everyone to be there to say they were there way back when.  It’s going to be our first time headlining back in town since we returned from tour this summer and the lineup also features all female-fronted acts including Hauswerk and Jurassic Heat. We also have a Remix Competition going on for our song “Connect the Dots.”  Other than that and so many other things we have in the works, we are most excited to be writing new material that we will be sharing soon and recording in LA again early next year.  We are also currently planning another East Coast tour as well as a West Coast tour for next summer.  Our future is wide open and we’re very excited and honored to be asked to play this year’s Music Crawl – we hope to showcase the chemistry that we’ve found together on the road since we’ve been fortunate enough to find our permanent lineup since last year’s Crawl.

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