Album Review: Jacks Mannequin-People and Things

People and Things is the first Jacks Mannequin’s that has had the opportunity to break free from constraints and be itself. Everything in Transit stepped out of the shadow of Something Corporate, carrying with it most of the Something Corporate fan base.  While on tour to drum up support for Everything In Transit, Andrew McMahon was diagnosed with Leukemia. His journey was documented and later released as the documentary Dear Jack. After his recovery Jacks Mannequin released their sophomore album The Glass Passenger. It was the album that proved McMahon was back and at the top of his songwriting game. He wrote what he knew, and that was about his struggle and sickness.

Three years later yet again, we have People and Things. The new album carries all of the pop sensibilities that have always been Jacks Mannequin, but has lost a little magic somewhere in the mix. This album is built around hooks and choruses.  And they are big at times. Tracks like “Television” clearly channels U2 and “Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)” has a huge swaying sing along chorus. It makes for an album that is enjoyable to listen to, but fails to make that last emotional connection to the listener that gives it the staying power found on their first two albums.

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