Album Review: Owen-Ghost Town

Relax, kick back your feet and listen to Owen.  Look out a window. Maybe snow is falling outside and you are being kept warm. You’re relaxed, carefree and have no where to be.  These are some of the feelings you might feel while listening to Ghost Town, the latest record from Mike Kensella’s solo project Owen.

Just like on past records Owen remains consistent in song structure and over all sound.  Intricate guitar leads over dreamy melodic backdrops. The backdrops change like scenes from song to song and flow gently from one into another. Rhythm sections built from shakers, guitar strums or stripped down drums sets. They all are dreamscapes for vocals that never are pushed to their limit, but could have been recorded in a bedroom while someone close by was sleeping.

This album fits best with rainy or snowy days. Maybe a cool fall drive, or whenever you’ll need to feel most relaxed. It’s also great background music for a day at the office.  You choose your setting, but it’s worth the listen.

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