Shuffle Magazine Top 25 (Full List with blurbs)

Lament – Mount Moriah by EmergencyBroadcastSongs

Y’all know there is absolutely no way I agree with this Top 25, but what I do agree with is that there are a lot of great albums on the list. There are also a couple of albums I haven’t heard yet and am looking forward to checking out.

The Mount Moriah album is a must buy and there is a reason it’s number 1. Make sure to check that out along with Yardwork, Des Ark , Megafaun, Braveyoung, Mountain Goats, Dex Romweber and Hammer No More the Fingers. These bands are no strangers to South Carolina and all had solid releases this year.

Making these lists is an impossible challenge in my mind. Keeping up with one of the Carolina’s is a challenge as it is, but to listen to all of the albums released in both states and then proceed to rank them is nearly impossible. But isn’t that the problem with all year end list? Shuffle Magazine has always leaned NC, so take it for what it is, 25 really good releases mostly from NC.

25. Coma Cinema — Blue Suicide (Fork & Spoon)


24. Phil Cook & His Feat — Hungry Mother Blues (Trekky)


23. Andy The Doorbum — The Man Killed the Bird, and With the Bird, the Song, and With the Song, Himself (self-released)


22. Young And In The Way — V. Eternal Depression (Antithetic)


21. Fan Modine — Gratitude For The Shipper (Daniel 13)


20. Hammer No More The Fingers — Black Shark (Churchkey)


19. Dex Romweber Duo — Is That You In The Blue? (Bloodshot)


18. Ahleuchatistas — Location, Location (Open Letter)


17. Phonte — Charity Starts At Home (+FE Music)


16. The Mountain Goats — All Eternals Deck (Merge)


15. John Howie, Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff — Leavin’ Yesterday (Hands Up)


14. Naked Gods — No Jams (self-released)


13. Horseback/Locrian — New Dominions (Utech)


12. Dan Melchior Und Das Menace — Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy)


11. Braveyoung — We Are All Lonely Animals (The End)


10. Brain F≠ — Sleep Rough (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)

9. Whatever Brains — Whatever Brains (Sorry State)

8. Yardwork — Brotherer (Lunchbox)


7. Hiss Golden Messenger — Poor Moon (Paradise of Bachelors)


6. Megafaun — Megafaun (Hometapes)

5. Toro Y Moi — Underneath The Pine (Carpark)

4. Reigning Sound — Abdication…For Your Love (Scion A/V)

3. Des Ark — Don’t Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker (Lovitt)


2. Floating Action — Desert Etiquette (Park The Van)


1. Mount Moriah — Mount Moriah (Holidays For Quince)

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  1. Good day,
    We understand that you review and cover music in the North & South Carolina region. We have an anti-bullying festival coming up in late July and we’d love to speak with you about some of the indie acts that you featured so that we can help them gain some more exposure. Please see the website: How might we reach you?
    Aulando – Celebrity Publicist

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