Video: Matrimony-Last Love

Over the last couple of months I’ve realized that becoming famous and getting a buzz in the music world is all a big game. PR companies run the blog world and when they feed it to the 3,000+ music blogs out there, they dish it out. In turn it has made the blog/music journalism world lazy. These writers should be scouring the internet for what they think sounds good and going to shows to find the next best bands. Instead they are hitting refresh over and over in their inbox and streaming songs all day.

My whole point right now is that Matrimony deserves more buzz. And while people are paying attention, their “Obey Your Guns” video has over 10,00 views between Youtube and Vimeo, more people need to take notice. In the last year they’ve released two extremely well done videos and a free single that we wrote about in August. Both videos were shot by Crown Alley Films out of North Carolina. Crown Alley Films focuses on wedding videos and does an amazing job at that. That style translated well over to these music videos.


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