Death on Two Wheels: Top 5’s & Looking Back

Trae Vedder – Vocals, Guitar
Looking Back…
We’ve had a trying year that’s had its fair share of ups and downs;
we’ve lost, we’ve gained, we’ve taken some punches, but we’ve gotten
back up again, and we’re going to keep on doing so. Ultimately, it’s
been an incredible year as we started our new album. Whether it sinks
or swims, I’m completely proud of the work that we have put into it,
and I’m anxious to see what adventures come from it as we enter the
new year. The Favorite Gentlemen family has extended it’s hand to us
in so many ways, thanks for all the work that you’ve done thus far Jer
and Trevs and CJ! We’ve made such good friends and good times with
newcomers like Junior Astronomers and Big Jesus. I’m extremely proud
of my friends in All Get Out, Harrison Hudson, and O’Brother for
battling many of the same hardships and putting out such great records
along the way. We shared the stage with Kevin Devine and played “My
Brother’s Blood” together as one, someone tweeted that it brought new
meaning to the phrase “the third wheel,” that was awesome, it made all
of us grin ear to ear, so thank you for that. I’ve had so much fun
with the ATL Collective and the folks at Eddie’s Attic. We recorded at
Southern Tracks, we played with Lucero, we hung out with Andrew W.K.,
we drank a ton of whiskey. It’s been a good year. We played some
killer shows. But not nearly enough. New album, new tours, new
memories. Lookout 2012, we’re worse than the movie and the Mayans, and
we’re coming for you, son!!!

Top 5…
Deer Tick – Divine Providence
“Main Street” is the song for me. I love the video, plus they
killed it on Letterman. I can’t get enough of this band.
Tom Waits – Bad As Me
‘You’re the letter from Jesus on the bathroom wall
You’re mother superior in only a bra
You’re the same kind of bad as me’
Wilco – The Whole Love
“Art Of Almost” is Wilco at their best. This lineup is the lineup.
I love YHF as much as anyone, but the dynamic of this lineup is
irreplaceable. I hope they grow old together and make a ton more good
music and good records.
Cage The Elephant – Thank You, Happy Birthday
“Flow / Right Before My Eyes (reprise)” I love a good hidden track.
It’s a killer song in the bulk of the album and makes for such a
killer reprise at the end, much more raw and emotional.
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
“Bridge Burning” I can’t believe this wasn’t the lead single and
that it hasn’t been a single as of yet. Best album lead off track of
the year.

Paul Doss – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Looking Back…
This year has been a great year. Not only because of playing and
traveling around with awesome bandmates, but because this is the year
we pulled the trigger on starting our new record. Spending time in the
studio, hashing out parts, creating new ideas, and messing around with
new toys has been an absolute blast. I’m looking forward to the year
to come for us!

Top 5…
The Black Keys – El Camino
The Band Perry – Self-Titled
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
Awolnation – Megalithic Symphony
Cake – Showroom Of Compassion

J. Betts – Bass, Vocals
Looking Back…
We had a lot of great moments for us as a band this year, but the one
that stuck out for me was our trip out to Austin and back for SXSW.
Even before we hit Texas, we played some shows with our brothers in
O’Brother, which for me is the best way to start off any tour. We got
into Austin around 6 in the morning to crash with our friends The
Rocketboys, but had no time to rest. Little did I know this would
become the trend of the week. This being my first time at the festival
, I had no idea what to expect, and aside from the horrendous downtown
parking, it was something I’ll never forget.

The streets downtown were packed at all times, with the sounds of at
least five bands meshed together wherever you walked. We got to play
some killer shows, including the Favorite Gentlemen showcase, and see
a bunch of our friends (River City Extension, Kevin Devine, etc) and
favorite bands (Queens Of The Stone Age, The Black Angels, etc) play.
Just add numerous interviews, walking until your feet are numb,
drunken greatness, late night What-A-Burger, and just enough sleep to
function at a basic level, and you’ll get somewhat of a picture of our
time there. Most importantly, we got to see/play with some amazing
bands making SouthBy something I’ll always look forward to. Can’t wait
to do it all again next year, see ya’ll there!

Top 5…
Cage The Elephant – Thank You, Happy Birthday
Favorite Song: “Shake Me Down”
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
Favorite Song: “Rope”
Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong
Favorite Song: “Time Spent In Los Angeles”
Wilco- The Whole Love
Favorite Song: “Art Of Almost”
Bon Iver – Self-Titled
Favorite Song: “Perth”
My Morning Jacket – Circuital
Favorite Song: “Victory Dance”
* I know there’s an extra, but I just couldn’t choose!

Greg Neel – Drums, Vocals
Looking Back…
I remember the time we played at The Stuffing. Me and Evan (Big Jesus)
hung out all night just walking around being awesome. Then I got that
girl’s number and she never texted me again. However, her mom made
some sick burritos. We got to play a song (“My Brother’s Blood”) with
Kevin Devine. Overall, one of my favorite show experiences.

Top 5…
Wilco – The Whole Love
“One Sunday Morning” is my song off that, it’s just beautiful,
there’s no real explanation.
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
“White Limo” is the song, simply due to baddassery.
Gorillas – The Fall
“Revolving Doors” is the song, I just like the way they always seem
to be able to build off of the simplest starting point.
Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee
“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” … Santigold does an awesome
job on that one.
Cake – Showroom of Compassion
That’s the album we heard the single off of when we dropped Paul
off, “Sick Of You,” that song is sick!

Daniel Gleason – Organ, Rhodes, Vocals
Looking Back…
Growing up in Michigan, there were certain places in Georgia I was
aware of and always dreamed of experiencing. The big three for me were
the 40 Watt, the Fox Theater, and Southern Tracks recording studio. I
had been to both the 40 Watt and Fox Theater a number of times, and
the history still takes me back, but I had yet to see Southern Tracks
until this year. For a little context, this is where Brendan O’Brien
produced the majority of his records until just recently. This means
some of my favorite records ever were done there. You walk in the
front door and immediately you see platinum records of Bob Dylan,
Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, and Bruce Springsteen. The latest
Pearl Jam and Springsteen records had just been done there. Then the
band that I’m a part of, Death On Two Wheels, somehow got the
opportunity to be the last band to record at Southern Tracks, thanks
to our friend CJ Ridings who is engineering our new record. I’m not
sure I can express how amazing and ridiculous that is. We, Death On
Two Wheels, were the last band to record at one of the most legendary
studios in the country. WHAT? It doesn’t seem right, but I’m certainly
not complaining. I got to track in the same room where Soundgarden and
REM tracked. I got to see the vocal mic Eddie Vedder used. I tracked
on the same piano as Elton John and the same B3 as all the
aforementioned bands. I stood where absolute giants of music stood and
created music that will last forever. It was inspiring and a reminder
that we have such a long way to go. That’s my best memory of 2011, and
one of the best of my entire life.

Top 5…
Wilco – The Whole Love
St. Vincent – Strange Mercy
Radiohead – The King Of Limbs
Tom Waits – Bad As Me
Cage the Elephant – Thank You, Happy Birthday

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