Days of Our Youth

Wylie are currently in the process of releasing one new song a week from their new album. Last week they released a song called “Brave Baby” and this week they’ve released “Days of Our Youth” which has a different more nostalgic feel.

This week we got Keon Masters from Wylie to tell us a little bit about the new song and some of the story behind it.
Days of Our Youth:
I am terrified of getting older and god.  These two fears are a constant for me and I am continuously thinking and writing about them. The problems I have with them, the way I wish things were, and the notion that I’ll never be able to change them.  When we finished this song I became very excited about the future of our band.  I heard it and thought to myself, “this is it,” you know “these are the kinds of feelings I want to convey.”


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