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Show Preview: Annuals w/ Lonnie Walker and Hectorina

Annuals w/ Lonnie Walker and Hectorina

Fri, Jan 20        10pm       $8

Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC    18+

I saw Annuals last year at Hopscotch Festival and they were a solid live band. Very enjoyable and a band that I would definitely see again. Especially for the cheap price of this show. Everyone in the band was so into the show, especially the singer. They are from Raleigh, NC as well as the supporting act Lonnie Walker. Lonnie Walker released a brilliant album back in 2009 and have recently returned, playing shows with Future Islands and Hopscotch Festival. I’ve heard such good things about their live show and they are one of the best bands to come out of Raleigh.

Hectorina is the new project from Dylan Gilbert who was playing shows NON-STOP in 2011 so he’s definitely solidified his live presence. The whole show is a fantastic lineup featuring North Carolina bands. If you’re interested in seeing someone new from the Carolinas or just experiencing a great live show, go to this.

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