We here at Scene SC are avid Twitter junkies. We enjoy coming up with clever, funny, scary, and downright awful things to say on twitter just to get a response from our followers. Yes I do this and yes I want to have some sort of conversation with you.

Through the power of Social Media (Facebook Chat and robust guidance from David Stringer himself we have come up with the best Thursday treat we could ever come up with.) We call this #TWITTERTHURSDAY! I have gone through the web to find you the best band in the southeast I think you should follow and a really famous person who if you have not started following yet well you have not been combing twitter hard enough.

Our first #TwitterThursday band we think you should follow is none other that “The Explorers Club” I can’t say I know much about these guys except for the fact Paul was in a bible study with me and I always say I know the band because of that. Here are some tweets from The Explores Club that should sell them to you.

They love animals! Does your Favorite band love animals?







They Jam with their Fans! I’m hoping it’s something nice like Strawberry Jam but hey I’m ok with grape!




They care about your Morning! Heck I can’t even say my wife says good morning to me all the time but these guys do!







They keep you accountable! Been sick sorry Kyle but don’t be a Minute late!

These guys are great and they are coming out with a new record shortly. Take a moment and give them a listen and tweet them because @Hilibofas tells you to!

The next artist I want to showcase is @bigboi from the rap group Outkast.

Big Boi knows how to have a good time and his Twitter stream shows it. Let’s take a moment to put in some good Big Boi Tweets!





Big Boi enjoys Slanging Ballz! Who doesn’t want to slang some ballz with this guy?




His friend Flea Kee is dick wrangling




He doesn’t Like SOPA!






And most all he is fantastic with #HASHTAGS

Follow @bigboi and our friends @expclub today! Happy Tweeting you guys!

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