Sorry about missing out last week. I was knee deep in sadness and could not bring myself to write something great for you guys. No worries (Hankuna Matta) I am back and ready to bring YOU my picks for who you should follow on twitter this week.

First up is a group of guys from Charlotte called Junior Astronomers! Here are some great Tweets from those guys and why you should follow them.

What does this even mean? To me it says, “We like to hang out with everyone!”

Here we see these guys enjoy riding tandem bikes while helping people with speech impediments learn about money. Good work you guys! I always like to see people giving back!

They are always ready for a good time! Good thing they have that Tandem bike! Remember Buzzed driving is Drunk Driving!

These guys care about their buds! I hope they had a good time with Matt Morrison.


This is a great group of guys you should follow!

Check them out @jrastronomers on twitter or pick up their ep here.


The next person we think you should follow is @50cent. This guy wrote the hit “IN da Club” and looks like he loves to have a great time. Lets see what Fifty is up to

People say crazy things to him? Happens to me all the time!

He’s on that instagram shit! I can dig that. I hope he posts more photos of DA CLUB!

He loves his boy Victor Cruz! Laugh out Loud Gangsta!

He wants to feed 1-billon kids! Man Bill Gates watch out. We have a new guy in town!

He quit betting on the super bowl to make a difference 4 the less fortunate! I can look up to a guy like that! What have you done today? That’s what I thought!


I wanted to thank everyone who read this! Be on the look out next week to find out whom to follow! If you would like to give me suggestions @reply me at @hilibofas and I will put them down!


Until next Thursday!

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