Friday, February 17th, 2012

Stool Pigeons, Myrtle Beach

21+  $5.00 Cover

9:00 p.m.

The talented Street Beat Psych Pop Band from Atlanta, Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun return to Myrtle Beach after four months with an amazing plethora of bands Friday February 17. The line up includes Chattanooga’s Shoegaze band, Moonlight Bride whom are releasing their upcoming album Twin Lakes on February 28th, along with  Nashville’s very own indie, new wave, dance, pop band The Winter Sounds who tour full time and just finished recording their new album Runner.  And last but certainly not least, Myrtle Beach’s own Spank Wave Boogie outfit, Octopus Jones who have some great new tunes up their sleeves that you may or may not of heard at their previous shows within the last few months.

The energy and absolute mayhem that is going to ensue at this show will not be matched anytime soon, y’all. I’ve heard that monkeys on stilts will be around as well as the lizard man  but I think those are just silly grade school rumors. The one thing I know to be true is you better be ready to dance, sweat, sing along, party and drink (With a sober ride, of course). I’d say be there with bells on, but that would just annoy the hell out of everyone. So instead bring yourself, some friends, boogie and possibly a camera. You’ll want solid documentation of this solid show to share with your friends that were too lame to attend.

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