There is a problem with the music industry today, and it’s not a lack of good music, but actually an extreme overload of palatable tunes. Dig hard enough through the internet and you’ll find great music hidden everywhere, and every week more new material comes out. We live in an amazing day and age of this accessibility to art, but at the same time it often gets lost. Lost as in, you listen to it, you enjoy it, and then you move on. Because you have to. The new music is hiding out there in the internet somewhere and you must discover it.

Boutique labels like Hearts and Plugs do more than just get music in more peoples ears, they give the music a longer life span. And yes, it’s crazy that something like music has a life span, but music these days has to fight not to be buried. The Hearts and Plugs sampler will uncover Ash Hopkins to many people and his sound that falls near The Decemberist. Avid music fans are already familiar with  Mr. Jenkins and his smooth voice and electro beats, but this sampler isn’t for them. Columbia should know about The Lovely Few by now. Mike Mewborne has been a big part of the music scene here since 2002, playing drums with bands like Tigerbot Hesh, Firefly Summer and Erich Skelton before venturing into the solo sector. And at the heart of Hearts and Plugs is Run Dan Run. The band that is the sum of its’ parts. Run Dan Run is led by Dan McCurry and joined by Nick Jenkins and Ash Hopkins.

Together these artists combine to create an artistic storm that will make its’ way around the internet. Into listeners ears outside of Charleston, Columbia, and South Carolina. On each others shoulders the musicians that make up Hearts and Plugs will spread each others music, because that’s the way it should be.

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