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Show Journal: Flogging Molly at The Fillmore Charlotte

By Heather Fowler:


The Luck of the Irish came early this year with the 8th Annual Green 17 Tour presented by Sailor Jerry’s. Flogging Molly, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, and The Devil Makes Three rocked The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC [2.26.2012] only 1 night after rocking Myrtle Beach, SC. Along with free samples of Killian’s Irish Red Beer, discounted Sailor Jerry’s Rum and even a Sailor Jerry’s Airstream the night was celebrated in true Irish Punk style. Even if you can’t celebrate with a nice Guinness, I guarantee you won’t be the only one considering the age ranged from about 10 to 60.

The show opening was The Devil Makes Three with a high energy and a fresh but classic sound.  With only three members playing the guitar, tenor banjo, and an upright bass the sound vibrating from the trio was powerful. Their mix of country, rockabilly, and blues made their sound something to be remembered and celebrated by all in the crowd. With songs varying from dancing to heartfelt, the music was enjoyed by everyone.

The next act to blow the crowd away was Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. With 7 members to fill up the stage with instruments from the saxophone to drums this was a modern flashback performance. With a true rhythm and blues style, the band’s music and Joe’s smooth voice sends you flying back to the 60’s. I felt as if I had been blasted back to a dance that my grandmother had attended, and so did everyone else. If you weren’t dancing [like the band was] you were tapping your foot to the rhythm. With a soulful voice, hip and catchy rhythm, and an array of instruments this band demanded your attention.

Finally, with a grand powerful entrance Flogging Molly took the stage! Opening with their song ‘Drunken Lullabies’, the 7 band members filled the stage in a rush of energy and the crowd followed suit.  While blasting away some Irish pride and dancing music the crowd morphed into a sea of dancing. Waves of people crashed the front of the stage with the band as their leader. The folk punk music played with catchy guitar, accordion, fiddle, tin whistle, and so much more.

Dave King’s ever so swooning accent filled the venue with back stories for many of their songs between the music. After many boisterous, dancing songs the band turned it down some. They played a short acoustic set to remember love, lost family members and the hardships that the world is facing now. They played not only their joyful drinking songs but also their more serious ones like ‘The Powers Out’ and ‘Oliver Boy’. But just as they had started 2 hours earlier, Flogging Molly ended with a bang!

Not long after the members left the stage, the crowed continued to chant “Olé! Olé! Olé! Olé! Olé! Olé!” the band came back with two more songs to end the night with. They covered Bob Dylan’s song ‘These Times They Are A-Changing’ and ended with their popular classic ‘Salty Dog’. After the show ended many of the band members jumped down from the stage to meet their fans. This folk punk show is definitely not one to miss.

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