Pan Release First Single from Upcoming Album

What type of music does your band play? Post-rock? What does that even mean?

Placing genres on music can be a dangerous game. And in the ever changing music landscape we live in, it’s something that doesn’t stay consistent. Pan’s music stays consistent, but to go around telling people you’re post-rock doesn’t mean that much, if anything. At least we know that it’s something Pan is fighting for, titling their first EP Post Rock is Not Dead.

The fact that Pan has very sparse to no lyrics in their music is only a factor because they use the same instrument set up used predominantly by rock bands. With this set up (Guitar/Bass/Drums), in the last 70 years, there have been only a small amount of bands that have gained widespread popularity sans vocals. They did this by doing the same thing Pan is doing now. Writing dynamic songs that stir emotion and are full of melodic lines. Even though vocals and lyrics aren’t present, Pan still takes full advantage of other traits of popular music like repetition and melodies that are easy to recall.

Pan’s new album These Are the Things I Love and I Want to Share Them With You, comes out Wednesday March 7. The first single “John From New York” can be heard at the top of the page. Pan will also be playing 5 Points Pub Thursday, March 8, with Forces of a Street and The Radar Cinema.

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