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Show Preview: WUSC Presents… Elvis Depressedly, Paleface, & More

WUSC Presents… Elvis Depressedly, Cameron Gardener Trio, Dear Blanca, Paleface, and Dylan & Dayne. 

Conundrum Music Hall, Columbia, SC   Friday, March 16   8pm  

$5 for 21+/$7 for under

WUSC has put together another great show featuring some amazing artists. It’s definitely something worth seeing this Friday night. Below is some information about each artist playing.

Dylan & Dayne Lee are wonderful song writers. A heart meltingly classic folky dueling vocals act who are simply gorgeous and a real rarity to catch in Columbia. They stole our hearts years ago and we are lucky enough to convince them to join the show. (

Dear Blanca is Dylan Dickerson’s newest project consisting of Evan Simmons from Magnetic Flowers on bass, Marc Coty of Old Canoe on drums, and Damien Herring from Horrendous and Eddie Newman from Ape Bastard in the horn section. It is a much more atmospheric experience than Dylan’s solo act but boy, it is pretty. It’s exciting to hear this jubilee of Columbia musical genius in one act. (

Paleface is a forever touring band and WUSC are pleased to bring them back to our city. Paleface composes folk music in earnest, with a bluesy vocal delivery that portrays a feeling of something genuine and well-intentioned. (

Cameron Garner Trio is one of Columbia’s music scene’s treasures and veterans. Consisting of members of Heist and the Accomplice and more, these guys are brilliant song writers and musicians. They put a whole new edge on bluesy epic rock.

Elvis Depressedly (also known as Coma Cinema) is one of Columbia’s coveted acts. A brilliant fuse of bedroom pop and drone. A really amazing act to close up our show! (

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