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[Quickshot] A Brighter Life Move On and Move Up

Friday, March 30

with Veara/Versus The Robot/Brigades/Sightline

Doors 7pm $7 Cover

New Brookland Tavern

Columbia, SC

A Brighter Life will be releasing their new EP. This pop-punk band will hopefully pack the house at this hometown show. Be sure to visit to download Move on & Move Up. The live show is very energetic and dynamic. A Brighter Life’s performance evokes an old school pop-punk aesthetic.

Also playing the show are bands Vera, Versus the Robot, Brigades and Sightline.

Quickshot-4 Q’s with A Brighter Life

Tell us a little about the new EP and what sets it apart from the last one?

-The new EP, “Move On & Move Up” is hands down the best songs we’ve ever written. This is the first stuff that we’ve ever recorded with Walter who brings a lot to this band. Jordan and Walter balance each other vocally and it sounds awesome. Our last EP was released more than a year ago so in that time I would say that we have developed our sound a lot more. We’re really excited for people to hear it.

I’ve heard members of the band speak fondly of other music scenes being more receptive to your style of music that Columbia seems to be. What would you like to see change here?

-There is a handful of people that are into our style of music here in Columbia and I personally think it’s because the lack of bands that share that pop-punk style with us. The shows end up having the same line-up all the time so that kind of kills the draw a bit. I know there are more people into our style around here it’s just a matter of getting them out to shows. Another thing is that I think if the people that are in high school or college got involved more then it would be a whole lot different. I mean most people spend half their day on facebook or some other social media outlet anyways. It wouldn’t hurt to check out a new band or spread the word about one that you already like while you’re at it. I mean that’s just one of many ways to help out. The other thing would have to be the tours that come through here. It hasn’t been so great the past year or two but this year has been solid so far though. Hopefully this year will be a turn around.

Tell us a little about your relationship with Veara and how we’ve seem them grow in the last two years.

– Jordan and I have known them for years actually. We’ve become pretty good friends with them over the years too. The past two years for them has been absolutely insane. They’ve done a few tours and festivals in Europe and Australia. They toured with Sum 41 and A Day to Remember. Plus they did Warped Tour last summer. So that’s some pretty big things that most bands will never get to do in their careers. I believe the most crucial thing was them finding their sound. Their last record, “What We Left Behind” is such a solid record. You can tell they found their niche with that last record. They are actually hitting the studio pretty soon so be on the lookout for that!

What can we expect from Friday nights show?

– A party! Haha seriously though all the bands are a lot of fun to watch and to just be around. You won’t leave the show not liking at least of the bands. Plus, it’s a Friday night and you know you want to party anyways so you might as well pre-game at the show with us right!?

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