Early on I loved Dawn Shredder for being clever and charming. Then they grew up. Added a bass player and a cellist and became witty and charismatic. Those are pretty much the same thing, but where Can’t Kids really surprised me was by going into a studio to record their first full length. Everything prior was murky and lofi. Some people dig that, I don’t care for it. I’m a big fan of lyrics, and if I have to struggle to hear them I’m more likely to move on. Lyrically is where Can’t Kids make their mark.

“Dimes” is one of the best tracks from Can’t Kids recording marathon of that album at The Jam Room. Release date is still unknown, although it does exist because reviews of it are floating around the web.

Notes From Home – Show No. 1 – Part One from Notes From Home on Vimeo.

House shows have so many magical moments. Most of them aren’t captured on video. Maybe that intimate moment where you let yourself go into the music in the comfort of a small group of people should be saved for that moment and not thrown all over YouTube. Kelli Schaefer’s performance at the beginning of this video was caught on video and masterfully produced. First time I watched it I felt like I was there and went straight to buying her album. It’s just as great.

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