WUSC Presents Folkcycle Fest Part 2

WUSC Presents Folkcycle Fest Part 2: Burrito Boogaloo  Saturday April 14

1-10pm  El Burrito, Columbia, SC  $5 +21/ $7 under

featuring Junior Astronomers, The Get Wets, Sea Wolf Mutiny, and so many others.

Alright guys. It’s almost summer, and like I said in my article about Beale St Music Festival last week, the summer music festivals are beginning. And we’ve got one in our very own Columbia, South Carolina to kick it off. It may be a small show compared to the huge festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, but seriously, it’s a ridiculously good lineup. The event starts at 1pm and goes straight until 10pm with a HUGE number of activities and performers for an obnoxiously small price. If you like music, comedy, or puppets and you live in South Carolina, it would be quite pathetic if you did not want to go to this.

The bands featured are ones that SceneSC has covered many a time and we’ll be there on Saturday to cover the whole thing. I have actually only seen two of the bands on the bill so I am excited to see the ones that I have heard so much about but never got a chance to see, such as Junior Astronomers. David can attest to this, but I’ve heard they’re damn good live. We’ve also got Damian Herring and Dear Blanca, two fantastic acts that are sure to blow minds. This lineup was carefully picked out by WUSC, Columbia’s premier radio station, so every band on it has gotta be good.

I posted a picture of the schedule at the top of this article so check that out and you can see for yourself that there is a lot going on. There are some great stand up comedians, a play, and like I said before, more music than you can even imagine. WUSC will also be raffling off a unicycle along with many other prizes. There will be burritos and drinks, and I also heard that there may be a burrito eating contest.

Hopefully this will start off an annual thing and for that to happen people need to come. Drag your little bums out of bed next Saturday and get there.