Summer Festival Preview – Lollapalooza Announces Lineup

I don’t even understand this lineup. It’s absolutely incredible. Topping the bill are Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Black Sabbath, and Jack White. Personally I am just excited to see Jack White as I tried extremely hard to get tickets for his show at The Orange Peel but it sold out in seconds. There are more bands on this lineup that I want to see than I can even count.

Once again, I am going to be covering Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza this year. I’ll be providing a bit more in-depth coverage than last year as I will have a legitimate media pass for Bonnaroo and hopefully Lollapalooza as well. Last year I enjoyed Bonnaroo more than Lollapalooza for a number of reasons, but mostly the atmosphere. Bonnaroo was just so excited the whole time and I did not really get that vibe from Lollapalooza. Hopefully this year changes that. Last year I went to Lolla on my own but this year I’ll be with friends so I think that will definitely make a difference. Oh yeah, and the lineup is incredible. I have not decided yet but I think it is my favorite lineup of any festival this summer.

There are so many must-sees on this thing. I’m not going to name all the bands I want to see because that would be 75% of this lineup but I’m excited to see Sigur Ros, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, The Head and the Heart, The Tallest Man On Earth, Michael Kiwanuka, and countless others. In terms of South Carolina artists, there are actually two on the lineup: Toro y moi and Washed Out. It’s good for them that they’re doing well, but I’d love to see some other SC artists such as Shovels & Rope get some recognition on the festival circuit. I understand that Toro and Washed Out are the most popular acts, but I’m getting a bit bored of seeing them on everything, which is why I did not write about them when I first posted this article. I guess Kopecky Family Band could also count because a couple of their members are from SC. I’m happy that they’re on the lineup, they absolutely deserve it.

I am also anxiously awaiting the after shows announcements. These are the shows they hold at the venues later that night that feature the bands who are of similar genre playing shows together. Since Lollapalooza in Grant Park has to end at 10, having these after shows is an amazing idea and such a treat.

You can see the lineup in the video above, or here:

You can purchase tickets here:

  • Derek

    You somehow forgot to mention the South Carolina related artists playing the festival and a lot of the more notable Southern acts. Step it up.

    • Rupert Hudson

      Updated it for you. Better?

      • Derek

        Thank you for making it relevant to your base of readers.

  • Steve

    I’m real tired if everyone talking about jack white and how awesome he is. He is a nobody without the white stripes. His sister probably got upset with him being so weird and quit.

    I would suggest this blog do what it’s decent at and just cover local acts. It does me no good to know what the festival in Chicago is doing. Very disappointed you would call this news worthy

    • Rupert Hudson

      Steve, I am sorry for trying to branch out. I actually know a lot of people who live in Columbia, South Carolina who attend Lollapalooza and are interested in the lineup being announced along with many other things are outside of the state. We do cover local acts, all the time. But it is absolutely important for us to cover music outside of SC so we can grow as a website, and grow in readers. That’s why we go to SXSW, CMJ, Bonnaroo, etc.

      If you do not like reading about things that are not local, then please don’t read them. It’s your opinion that Jack White is crap, and it’s my opinion that music outside of South Carolina is important. While I appreciate your opinion, I would also appreciate it if you did not tell me what to do.

      Also, Meg White is his ex-wife, not his sister.

    • Jay

      You are out of your mind Steve.

    • Jay

      What’s that you were saying about Jack White being nothing without his “sister”? If the internet is good for anything, it’s an outlet for nitwits like you to whine about stuff.

  • Jay

    The Afghan Whigs > the rest of the Lollapalooza lineup