2012 Banjo-B-Que Lineup

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It seems like a lot of music festivals these days take themselves way too seriously. They seem to be uptight, arrogant, and hard to deal with. Banjo-B-Que couldn’t be farther from those festivals.

What is Banjo-B-Que about? It’s about having a good time. It’s about eating the best BBQ from all over the land. It’s about wives crying and hugging their husbands after they win a “best of” award. It’s about waiting out the storm so you can dance in the mud and hear The Blue Dogs and John Popper. It’s about pigs jumping into pools of water after an Oreo. It’s about Grandpa serving you a homemade soda out of a tin can. It’s about camping out and having a jam session by campfire at midnight after the last band has played. It’s about petting strange barn animals. It’s about getting your first sunburn of the year. And it’s about hearing some damn good music while you’re having a good time with your friends.

Last year I raved about how wonderful Banjo-B-Que was in my article, Banjos, Tan lines and BBQ. This year I’ll do the same.


Drive By Truckers
Ketch & Critter  (featuring members of Old Crow Medicine Show)
Mountain Heart
The Little Roy & Lizzy Show
The Brothers Comatose
Lera Lynn
Frontier Ruckus
The Whiskey Gentry
Austin Lucas and Glossary
Sibling String
The Ramblin’ Fevers
The Mason Jars