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Summer Festival Preview: Latitude Festival

So a couple weeks ago I posted an article about Lollapalooza announcing their lineup and some readers got angry because it was not relevant to South Carolina. Well, here’s something even further away than Chicago. It’s in England. Haters come hate. I am going to England this summer to do some research and I will be attending Latitude Festival while I’m there. And why not cover it? I’m pretty sure that SceneSC has never written anything about out of the country shows so I am excited to do it. I understand that SceneSC is definitely all about South Carolina music and I really do think that’s amazing. But like, I am really enjoying helping this website branch out more than it has already done and I think by writing things about other music festivals will definitely help.

Latitude Festival takes place on July 12-15 in Suffolk, UK. There are no bands from South Carolina on the lineup but there are a couple from southern United States. Alabama Shakes will be playing there and they’re a band that we at SceneSC love. They bring such feeling and power into their music that it is impossible not to love them. They are obviously from Alabama so I would assume that it’s quite an honor for them to be asked to play at an international festival so quickly after releasing their debut album. Givers will also be playing there, a band from Louisiana who have quite a solid live reputation. The War on Drugs and We Are Augustines will also be there, along with bands such as Bon Iver, Dawes, and M83. It’s a very impressive lineup so if you find yourself in Suffolk, UK this July be sure to check it out.

You can check out the lineup here

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