Beach House    The Music Farm, Charleston, SC    Sunday, May 6

Doors at 8pm   $18 ADV/$20 DAY OF    Tickets

This Sunday, Beach House will be bringing their ethereal, dreamy music to South Carolina. ‘Powerful’, ‘gorgeous’, and ‘unforgettable’ are words that I have read to describe Beach House’s live show so I’m sure this will be something incredible. Beach House are days away from releasing their new album Bloom on May 15th featuring previously-released song Myth along with 9 other tracks. I’m expecting that they will be showcasing most of these new tunes.

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of Beach House’s first two albums. I haven’t listened to them more than 3 times each but I just found them to be a bit flat and samey. However, their 2010 release Teen Dream changed this and brought out more instruments and interesting melodies and won me over. Their new single Myth is a brilliant song that adds another dimension to Beach House’s music. It adds even more instruments which seem to make singer Victoria Legrand’s voice sound even better. I’m hoping that they can flesh out their older tracks on stage and make them sound a little bit more interesting.

You can check out their website here (it features a new track called Lazuli)

Written by Rupert Hudson

Yes, I was named after famous british polar bear Rupert. In fact, I was named after a cat that was named after that cartoon bear. This is exactly the reason why I’d have to say an orange cat is my spirit animal. Though, it’s kind of more like this cat is my spirit goddess. My spirit animal is a bit more like a grizzly duck, which is a grizzly bear with a duck’s beak. Two reasons: 1) When I wake up I am angry and grumble a lot, like a grizzly bear but once I wake up I am (usually) friendly and I quack a lot, and 2) I own a sweater with a grizzly bear on it and one with a duck on it. I am obviously obsessed with music and everything to do with music. I have been to over 80 concerts, I am in a band called One Two Skidoo, and I also co-host a radio show of that same name on WUSC. I was born in a country called London (I would say England, but you Americans seem to be set on the fact that England is only London). I was actually born in Brighton, England, but I don’t wanna confuse you too much so we’ll say I’m from London. I then moved to a super freezing area of Canada. You’re probably thinking “but all of Canada is super freezing!”. That’s not true. Well, kind of not true. I do that school thing at the University of South Carolina, and I write about music on this website, obviously. David Stringer is my hero.

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