Top Bands to See at Treasure Fest

Treasure Fest II

Charlotte, NC

May 18/19

Treasure Fest is coming to the Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte this weekend featuring more than 60 bands spread out over 8 venues and two days. The festival hosts a wide array of genres outside of the mainstream, with most of the bands coming from across the Southeast and a couple from even farther.

My friend Geoff lives in the heart of Plaza Midwood behind Fuel Pizza and two blocks from Snug Harbor. He hates grungy people who look different because he swears it is these people who litter in his yard. I think I have to agree with him. Somehow the Prius hippies and the music hipsters have gotten lumped in together into one big alt pile and really they shouldn’t all get along. Then you have alt people throwing trash in my friend Geoff’s yard after I’ve been trying for years to diversify his taste in music. I was making progress until lousy people who litter and might happen to have tattoos or forget to wash their hair for a week (year) throws their local bagel wrapper in Geoff’s yard. The point is, don’t judge people by the way they look, and don’t EVER litter you lazy bastard.

I doubt Geoff will be attending any of these shows, but here are some of the bands we wouldn’t miss at Treasure Fest.

Richard Parker

As heavy as Richard Parker gets, they always keep it melodic. One of Charlotte’s gems formed out of their thriving DIY music community. All hail Lunchbox Records.

Junior Astronomers

We are now three years removed from Junior Astronomers first EP I Had Plans For Us and things are finally starting to roll. A new album in the works, a new label to support it, and an ever-growing adoring fan base that has their back. Home town shows are where they thrive.


 Signals Midwest

It’s random that three of our must see bands are on the Tiny Engines roster. What can we say? Those guys know how to pick them. Signals Midwest are based out of Cleveland, Ohio and are sprouted from punk rock, yet played with some intelligence. Yes, and some Midwest flair.

The Weeks

When it comes to Southern Grunge The Weeks are helping carry the flag. A lot of the bands playing Treasure Fest place little importance on their lyrics, The Weeks make up for their short comings.

Red Collar

Ryan Adams once sang “I started this damn country band, because punk rock is too hard to sing.”  While punk rock might be physically harder to sing, Red Collar makes its’ home in the area between punk and rootsy rock n roll. The Durham group has tons of heart, and a live show that bares it.


Dylan Gilbert spent years trademarking his name around the Southeast. Now Gilbert and his over easy breakfast machine sidekicks have to make a Hectorina a household name. This project is a lot different though, more experimental, more instrumental, and a future rock opera.


Philly post rock outfit Restorations are the survivors of years of busting ass in the music industry. While their latest self titled release plays to everyone, the Deep Elm Records lovers of Charlotte might appreciate these warriors a little bit more.