William Beckett is Coming to Five Points

Wednesday, May 23rd

5 Points Pub

Doors at 7PM, Show at 8PM

$8 Advanced ticketing

Door price: $10 for 21+, $12 for under 21

When I tell people over the age of twenty or twenty-one that I’m a fan of The Academy Is… I typically get a judgmental stare and a confused frown. This is usually for one of two reasons: either they’ve never heard of the band or they have a younger sibling around my age. It’s true—this band plucked the heartstrings of many a teenage girl in their heyday, including mine. I remember completely jamming to their first studio release Almost There and being slightly disappointed in but still pleased with Santi. You can imagine our heartbreak when, in October of 2011, we heard the news of the fate that eventually befalls all of our favorite bands… TAI had broken up. My friends and I put “After The Last Midtown Show” on repeat and continued about the day with slouches where our spines used to be. But from the melodramatic ashes rose a sensationalized phoenix, and that beautiful, flaming bird is coming to 5 Points Pub on Wednesday. That’s right, ladies and gents. William Beckett is coming to Columbia.

The former front man is making a stop with special guest Cara Salimando in our very own capital on his Walk The Talk Tour in support of his brand spankin’ new EP of the same name, the sound of which is step up from TAI’s in that it’s obviously aimed at a bit of an older age group. I personally love the EP as a new, modern release whereas I still love and listen to TAI because they were apart of the soundtrack to my adolescence. I’ve grown with their music, I feel like, and Monsieur Beckett’s new release seems like the culminating result of all that maturing.

Walk The Talk EP isn’t all that’s up Beckett’s sleeve for this year. He has two other releases lined up for the coming months, as well as a tour through Japan and Southeast Asia in June. The buzz surrounding his shows and the response to his newer songs as well as some old TAI favorites has all been positive. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him perform at 5 Points Pub this Wednesday. Everyone come join me and we’ll skip down memory lane together while holding hands and sobbing into our TAI shirts.