Summer Festival Preview: Governors Ball Music Festival

Governors Ball Music Festival     Randall’s Island, New York City, NY    June 21+22   TICKETS

That lineup announcement video is what’s up. It came out a while ago but I think it deserves a post because it is just so good. As I write my review of Bonnaroo’s insanity I am preparing for another music festival in just under two weeks. This festival takes place in New York City, one of my favorite places on Earth, and features some pretty amazing bands. They’ve got Passion Pit, who will be presenting cuts from their soon to be released new album, Beck, Modest Mouse, Fiona Apple, Cults, Phantogram, and a whole lot more. Also, there are no overlapping sets which is an absolute plus so you really could see every band at this festival.

The flights to New York are mega cheap right now, so get on this! I am so excited for it. The two new songs that Passion Pit have released hit hard. Modest Mouse and Beck are meant to be two of the world’s best live acts, and I have always wanted to see Cults. It’s a special festival and it’s in New York City, which, like I said before, is the best city ever. While I’m there I think I’m also going to check out Moonrise Kingdom and Safety Not Guaranteed, two movies that are not being released anywhere else for a while. Let’s do this!

Check out the lineup/festival info/etc. right here:

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