Hannah Miller Doubters and Dreamers Release Show

 Hannah Miller

Daniel Machado

$6 Advance / $8 Day Of Show

In August, 2010 Hannah Miller kicked off a huge project that included a trilogy of EP’s and an eventual pressing of vinyl featuring select songs from each release. Saturday at New Brookland Tavern, Miller will release the third EP in the trilogy “Doubters and Dreamers.”

Having done a Kickstarter for this project gave Hannah Miller some room to breathe when it came to the writing and recording process. With each EP Miller took chances stylistically, giving each release a different feel and theme. The first half of “Journey to The Moon” merrily shuffled along, followed by the three soulful tracks on the O Black River EP. Doubters and Dreamers is the most extensive EP in the trilogy with six tracks and some of the deepest subject matter of the three. This is also the first time that Miller has put a cover track on an album. The second track “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word” is a track penned by one of the most powerful songwriting duos in the last 50 years Bernie Taupin and Elton John.

Another jump Miller took from the first EP to the third EP is finding someone in Neilson Hubbard to co-write songs with. Co-writing is a sensitive area, and when it comes to something as personal as music can at times be trying. Miller and Hubbard seem to have hit off as he started writing with Miller on the second EP and not only influenced the third with his writing, but also by mixing and engineering the recording.

At the release show for her 2009 release Somewhere In Between, Miller gave out kazoos to get some crowd participation with the hook on the lead track “Honesty.” With Doubters and Dreamers featuring a darker song called “Poison” maybe we should all beware of what we drink.