[Music Video] Luke Cunningham-For The Best

Luke Cunningham’s latest album Heart Pressure has been a long time in the making. After years grinding it out with his former band Part Time Heroes, Cunningham is now on his own with a couple of his best friends by his side and is writing some of his finest material to date. That includes the song heard here, “For The Best”, which is the lead track off his latest album.

Growing up in the country of Kentucky, Cunningham’s music has that trust thy neighbor honesty about it. You get the feeling from his music that when everything is hard, there’s no need to worry because you have faith that everything’s going to be alright. Turn up Heart Pressure and leave your doors unlocked.

Video features band members Luke Cunningham, Ben Scott, Micah Nichols and Christian Wood and includes live footage, studio performances and dramatic pieces shot on location in Charleston SC by Anthony Spencer and the talented people at ‘Palmetto Sky Media