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All Get Out Change and Grow

Photo By Erica Hussey

July 7th-The Sparrow (Charleston, SC)

 July 14th-The Radio Room (Greenville, SC)

There have been a lot of questions surrounding All Get Out since their return from the successful nationwide tour with La Dispute, Balance and Composure, and Sainthood Reps. Long time AGO members Mel Washington and Mike Rogers left the band to pursue other opportunities much to the surprise of many fans, but for the most part the reaction has been hopeful and positive.

All Get Out singer and songwriter Nathan Hussey points out that “changes are hard at any point in life but they open up many doors.”  Change is after all a centerpiece to much of Hussey’s songwriting. It’s managing the changes that makes all the difference.

In terms of internal changes in the band, that is being managed by having friends and Death on Two Wheels members filling in on upcoming shows. Daniel Gleason, former guitarist of Winston Audio and current man behind the keys in Death on Two Wheels will be picking up the guitar duty while Jonathan Betts will lend his left-handed bass skills. Fans will get their first glimpse of the new lineup at the Radio Room in Greenville July 14th, while the show this Saturday in Charleston will feature AGO as a two piece with just Hussey and drummer Gordon Keiter. The Charleston show is meant to be under the radar and fun. A chance to experiment and open for friends Rachel Kate, and Joel Hamilton.

Over the past two years, All Get Out has also changed the way they tour. Early in their career they were known for burning the highways, playing over 200 shows a year. It’s something that shaped who they are today and their first album The Season, but also something that burned them out in many ways. Hussey points out that “touring twice a year can be far more effective than all year. We try to be very intentional and use our time wisely.” That much touring also takes a toll on your personal life at home. Since the days of constantly being uprooted, both Keiter and Hussey have settled down in Charleston, SC and into a way of life more conducive to handle stints on the road a couple of times a year.

One last thing that has changed, that may be less noticeable at the moment is Nathan Hussey’s approach to songwriting.  Hussey admits that his songwriting these days is “a lot less angry” and leans more towards story telling than the transparency seen in songs on The Season. All Get Out demos and live versions of songs have always floated around the band. Hussey doesn’t mind “leaving songs out for people to find,” doing exclusives for websites, and debuting live songs on tour. The follow-up to The Season is already well underway, with Hussey shooting for 20 songs to take into the studio for the next album. He’s over halfway there now. One of those songs surfaced here for free download in April.

These days it seems like all the change has brought clarity to a band who hasn’t always had an easy go of it. Hussey seems more accepting than ever talking about the past and changes in his band. Like the future is clear in front of him with the songs at the tips of his fingers. He’s excited for their tour starting in August, the lineup and dates of which will be announced later this week. Everything is clicking on all cylinders, now he just needs to steer the ship.

What advice does he have for younger bands learning from his past experiences?

“Put out as much as you can. It’s the purpose of being a musician and I missed it early on.”






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