SceneSC Brings Elonzo and Brave Baby to Arts and Draughts

The Columbia Museum of Art

Friday August 3

The Whiskey Gentry/Brave Baby/Elonzo

7 PM $8 Public $5 Members


(We’ll be picking 20 winners)

We couldn’t be more proud and excited to be working with The Columbia Museum of Art and the Arts and Draughts event sponsoring a stage and bringing in a couple of our favorite bands from across the state.

Over the last 2 years The Columbia Museum of Art has stepped up to the plate in the music scene hosting regional acts such as Megafaun and Midtown Dickens, and showcasing talented local acts like Mechanical River, Those Lavender Whales, Josh Roberts and The Hinges, The Mobros, The Get Wets, and the The Royal Tinfoil to name a few. The August 3 Arts and Draughts follows in those footsteps showcasing fine local talent by featuring The Whiskey Gentry, Brave Baby, and Elonzo.

The Whiskey Gentry didn’t seem happy crammed on a small stage, let alone, a camper that folded out to a stage that looked like a 1960’s Hollywood Western leftover. They opened up the day at Banjo-B-Que playing at noon for a very sparse crowd comprised mostly of volunteers, BBQ cookers disinterested in music, and of course the sound guys. That didn’t stop them from stealing the show later in the day as night fell on Banjo-B-Que in 2012. Across the field setting up was Old Crow Medicine Show, who would be followed up by Drive By Truckers. This wasn’t a competition, but I swear The Whiskey Gentry had some extra fire that night as they over flowed that small stage and pulled in a huge lively crowd. They were the band that got everyone dancing, they were the band that made people drink a little faster, they were the band that had something to prove. The Whiskey Gentry didn’t belong on the main stage playing main support for the heavyweights, they belonged on the ground with the crowd wrapped around them singing along. Look for that same energy at Arts and Draughts.

Talking to Brave Baby is like talking to a group of excited kids. The core of the group made up of Keon Masters, Ryan Zimmerman, and Christian Chidester, always have new songs that they are excited for people to hear. They’re young and full of talent, and at times are playing catch up with their own song catalog. Recently on a string of tour dates they listened to their old material in the van. It was more comical to them than anything because they are just now figuring out their full songwriting potential. Either way, those songs are who they are, and it’s what a lot of their fans love. Isn’t it great when we love you at your worst?

People always ask me what local band they should be listening to and right off the bat I always say Elonzo. Jeremy Davis and crew capture a Southern sound that’s as easy to fall for as your beautiful and sweet third grade teacher. They are at the roots of rock and roll and smart songwriting and convey a good nature that’s both relatable and irresistible to the ear. Not to mention their live show which is their true ace in the hole.

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