New Music from Ye Mighty

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With a show coming up Saturday July, 21 at Art Bar, Ye Mighty have released two new tracks recorded at Archer Avenue Studios.

On both tracks Beth Dickerson shows off the true power of her vocals and sounds the best she’s ever sounded. Dickerson, who played primarily under the Brightford moniker for years, hooked up with the all-star cast which is Ye Mighty in early 2011 to bring her solo material to life. The music lineup is a lesson in restraint and less is more with power guitarists Steve Moore and John Vail, who have the ability to be quite busy, along with power rhythm section Chris Shirah and Isaac Stone. As you can hear in these two tracks they play what’s best for the song.

Look out for Free Times music editor Pat Wall playing guitar filling in on guitar Saturday for John Vail who is out shredding with Wretched.