Latenights Acoustic Session

Photo by Alicia Hickey

Latenights have managed to fly under the radar for 4 years now. Well, before they were Latenights, they were Hello Tomorrow who also flew below noticeably under media coverage. The changing of the name marked a significant change in the band. They changed from an awesome high school band full of potential to an outstanding indie rock band deserving of more respect. I’d be lying if I said the many times we covered Hello Tomorrow (they were our first post ever) was just on potential. Any band Justin Hallas, Nate Puza, and CJ Rhodes have ever been a part of has always been one of my favorite local bands. Our coverage of them for 4 years has done little to help them other than maybe encouraging to keep playing music. They earned all their recent coverage by continuing to write fantastic songs. Here’s a new one and Weezer cover.


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