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For three years now The Nickelodeon Theatre has thought of every which way to keep us excited about their move down Main Street. All the while directly across the street thousands of dollars a day are being flushed down every toilet in the Statehouse. It’s been painful to watch. Other cities would have had this move done in no time flat, but the City of Columbia couldn’t make an obvious split second decision if all of our lives depended on it. So instead, we all have to wait. And we have to wait in phase after phase for what is being deemed as the savior of Main Street to be able to renovate, buy new equipment, and move in. If the Nick could have been moved in and got going 100 percent a year ago maybe The White Mule would still be open. Maybe we would have somewhere safe to go on the north end of Main Street after nightfall.

Getting moved was more than half the battle, but the war isn’t over. The Nickelodeon still needs your help to wrap up construction of the new theatre. Teaming up with the Nick and First Thursday to help save the day is Columbia’s bright-eyed good guys WUSC.

Tapp’s building residents might not be the biggest fans of loud rock and roll bands playing below them, but they’ll have to deal with it until at least 9:30 Thursday night. Music starts early with Trey Mumbles, who is 1/3 of the minimalist folk trio Young Mumbles. He’ll be followed by WUSC darlings and simple surf indie rockers Dead Surf.

Highlights of the night will be the power piano pop of The Sea Wolf Mutiny whose dramatic tunes incite wonder and excitement in the ears listeners. Veteran folk rockers Magnetic Flowers headline. They’ve been quietly working on a new album, that’s being patiently awaited by their young professional fan base.

Welcome to the heart of the downtown business district Nick, you alone can save the nightlife.


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