[Jam Session] Stagbriar and Versus The Robot

We haven’t been able to keep with Summer Jams, Winter Jams, or anything ever. It seems pretty simple, but for some reason no one can keep them up consistently. Well we’re giving it one last go with “Jam Sessions” every Friday.

This weeks features two very different SC artists.


Emily McCollum’s name is no stranger to SceneSC. She was featured on our 2011 Sampler and has played several SceneSC sponsored shows over the years. Her new project is Stagbriar where she is accompanied by her brother Alex McCollum. And who better than a sibling to bring out the best in you musically?

There three song EP opens up with a shuffle and toes the line between modern folk and country. Each song is smooth and sultry with soft harmonies that softly flow from song to song.




Pop punk isn’t dead, but it’s on life support in Columbia, SC. One man who won’t let the flame go out is Charlie Jackson. His band Versus the Robot has an album in works and just released this catchy gem of a song to tide us over until that day comes.