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[Twitter Thursday] @_Constellations and @HolyCityBrewing

Hi friends, it’s your favorite day of the week: #TwitterThursday!

First up we have the Atlanta genre-bending band, The Constellations.  I’ve always wanted to be in the popular Clap Squad that travels with the Constellations, but they never have invited me.  Fingers crossed that it will happen this year!

@_constellations have recently been playing dates on the Vans Warped Tour where, apparently, the party is at family casual dining establishments:

I’ve been Chili’s wasted before.  Those $3 Strawberry Margaritas can jump up and bite you if you’re not careful!

But don’t let that fool you; life on the road is super exciting!

Rock stars really are out of control these days.

@_constellations are not only fun to read, but topical as well.  Just be vigilant, at times they go back and delete their funniest tweets.  This one however, has stuck around for everyone to view in all its glory:

I feel like I have read nothing more topical or hilarious this week.  Seriously, y’all, what is going on with Randy Travis?  While I kind of hope he gets better; I’d rather be able say I’m going Randy Travis on people when I start feeling a little crazy.


Next for your following pleasure we have @HolyCityBrewing from the Charleston craft brewery of the same name.  While my job frowns upon me drinking during work hours, I can scratch the beer itch by reading their brew tweets.

Not only do they care about malt and hops and those types of things, they also care about fitness:

I’ve never been to a Yoga class at a brewery, but I feel like I sure would go there  before you’d find me in a gym.  Boozy Yoga might be my new hobby.

Have you ever salivated over a tweet?  I have:

You make me feel like I’m living a Pecan Dream! Yeah, I went there.  Something that delicious requires a song.  I really will have to visit the tasting room when this is put on tap.

Not only are their beers delicious sounding, they are also hilarious:


If you don’t get what they’re laying down with that name, then you don’t get me.  If you do, can we please be friends and tweet @HolyCityBrewing together and tell them how funny they are?

As always, hopefully #TwitterThursday has brought some newfound joy to your timeline.  If not, tell us who you think we should follow.  Tweet @scenesc with the hashtag #TwitterThursday and the twitter account our timeline is missing.

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