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#TwitterThursday is back again to help you feel like you’re connected to all the things the kids are doing.  This week we have a combo that can never go wrong: a band and some brews.  Let’s get to it.

The local guys over at Brewery 85 have done something that’s genius.   They have their twitter up and running well before the actual brewery.  What does that mean?  It means that we have to salivate over their products from now until they decide to grace the public with them.  When this finally hits the streets there’s going to be pandemonium equal to a Justin Beiber appearance for these craft brews.

@Brewery85 decided to tweet this little teaser this week:

Not only can I see delicious brews in a cool beaker that I can’t imbibe, I am also reminded that brewers have the privilege of afternoon drinking.  I’m stuck with stale office coffee.  Thanks guys.

Also with @Brewery85 you get little slices of Southern life:

I’m hoping it was a BBQ joint; however, I will say that brush piles are the new hipster place to get your lunch.  You heard it here first.


If you don’t get enough of @Brewery85 on twitter, they also can be reached by other means:

Personally, I’m hitting F2 for next until I see these guys this afternoon.  But if they throw another beaker of beer in my face I may go Randy Travis on somebody.

This next twitter is a band I found by accident.  A friend of mine was telling me about a band from Australia and I misheard the name and began listening to The Weeks on Pandora.  I’ll never know what kind of Aussie awesomeness I missed out on, but I certainly am glad I found The Weeks.

Like the rest of us @theweeks have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings.


Luckily they have Harry Nilsson to help them get up and get out for their big day.  I had never heard this album or seen the cover, but I feel like Harry looks like my uncle on Saturday mornings back when I’d ride my bike over to their house a little too early.  No one wants to see an uncle in a robe.  It’s uncomfortable.

@theweeks are also kind and supportive of other bands:

If the boys from @theweeks wanted to take a trip with me to see @obrothermusic I think that would be the trip of a lifetime.

They also like to tease us with some hot looking vinyl:

New music that looks like this and sounds like The Weeks would be a must-have.  Please let me know when these are on preorder, because I am preordering, son!


Make sure you follow our two suggestions from this week’s #TwitterThursday.  If you know a band or a local establishment we should follow, tweet us @scenesc and hashtag #TwitterThursday with the account you think we need to know!

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