[Interview] Where’s Wolf Grows Into Their Sound

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New Brookland Tavern Friday August 24
I Am Carpenter(CD Release)
Frontier Sons
$5 Over 21 / $8 Under 21


Where’s Wolf’s info on Facebook reads “We’re just getting started.” What started out as the acoustic folk duo of then freshman Josh Sorrells and Lucy Nordlinger at Anderson College has now grown into an emotive live band still settling into their sound. The bands first self titled release on Bandcamp is scattered, full of ideas, not always executed to perfection, but with a high ceiling of potential.

When talking about their current sound Sorrells said “Because we haven’t finished recording just yet, our music is really wrapped up in our performance.  It’s fast and loud; it’s fun, it’s upbeat, and pretty much just a party all around.”

Several times in the interview Sorrells brings up Atlanta-based rock band Manchester Orchestra as an influence. Since bursting into South Carolina’s music scene in the mid 2000’s as teenagers, Manchester Orchestra has influenced years of South Carolina musicians with their highly emotional live shows, descriptive personal lyrics, and soft to loud dynamic.

Where’s Wolf’s newest track “Bathsheba” does more to capture their live sound and show their influences than anything they’ve released in the past. It’s a spiritual song, flowing for 5 minutes gradually building into a scream that releases into a outro featuring only piano.

“We’re really trying to take in a lot of different styles that are popular and relevant to our culture’s
musical taste and preference today; and through that we hope to create something that’s just poppy enough to get caught in your head, and at the same time keep that raw, emotional heaviness of rock and roll.”

Everything is still new for Where’s Wolf and growing as a band has been slowed by conflicting schedules and distance over the summer. Being back in the same area is something they’re excited about. Since adding members Wes Frazor and Andrew Higgins last November things have been looking up. More recently they’ve added guitarist Tyler Corn, who’s added another dimension to the band.

“…once August ends, we’ll all be in the same general area, so we’ll be able to really get to work on creating and playing.  Who knows where we’ll end up, but if we can get enough people on board, we’d love to go somewhere.”

Five years ago in South Carolina it was All Get Out, Colour Revolt, and Manchester Orchestra building, and carry the torch in the indie rock scene. These days we’re seeing the fruition of their labor. The lineup Friday at New Brookland Tavern features three bands that have looked to those bands for influence since their teenage years. Now it’s I am Carpenter, Ghosts of the Kodiak, and Where’s Wolf that carry that torch. Each band isn’t shy in noting those bands as an influence, but are quick to defend themselves as mere replicas. They’re all wise enough to know they’ve got to be themselves too.


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