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Thursday is generally one of my favorite days of the week. It’s first and foremost what I like to call the “prekend” aka “pre-weekend” and secondly it’s my trivia night. More than those two sad, lonely things, I get to bring you this spectacular look at what’s entertaining on twitter. This week, we’re looking at @shovelsandrope and @unfoRETTAble.

I don’t know if you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, but you should be. If you’re not a fan of the show, you should at least be a fan of Retta. She’s pretty awesome and you can tell by the fact she only has a first name. If you’re not familiar with Retta, watch this clip. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Did you like that? I figured you would. You’ll also enjoy Retta’s tweets. Like this one about air travel:

Who says the life of a TV star isn’t full of glamour and mystique? You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to live the high life!

Speaking of the high life, Retta spends her Los Angeles days doing what any of us would do in her position: watching and live tweeting Buffy. So far, Retta is up to season 3 of the WB vampire drama and takes it very seriously:

Also, if you’re in the music business, you should probably send your tapes to someone in the music biz as well. Definitely don’t send it to a television star, especially one deep into the world of Sunnyvale.

Our last tweet from @unfoRETTAble speaks volumes about the state of our nation:

You know ish is real when someone is padlocking toilet paper. But the bright side of this tweet is that Parks and Recreation was filming. The season premier is tonight at 9:30. Be sure to tune in and catch the majesty that is @unfoRETTAble.

The second twitter account bringing the entertainment this week is @shovelsandrope. Shovels and Rope is a folksy duo from Charleston who gets a lot of favorite stars from me on the twitter. I want the three of us to be friends, but I am pretty sure if I tried to get close to them it would come across creepy. Then again, they seem like they might be on my level:

Good message, nice reference and solid proof that we need to be besties. Seriously, you guys, call me. We can catch a meal and talk about how annoying it is when people try to put you in a genre. I think this can be the start of something great.

@shovelsandrope also lives the glamorous life of a touring band:

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a skunk. There are actually people out there who like it. I do not know any of those people personally, but I’ve heard about it. Glad to know my two new besties aren’t those people.

At least there are some perks to touring, like getting a taste of new car technologies:

Maybe it’s just me, but any jokes that throw shade at Fox News are hilarious. For purposes of full disclosure, I have to admit that I am biased as I only watch HLN. Let’s be for real, they have the best stories in that most of them are purely for entertainment purposes. Cable news networks aside, the information you most want to check out is the @shovelsandrope upcoming tour dates. They are listed on their website and you’ll be pleased to know they’ll be in Atlanta and Charlotte next month. Check them out if you can. If you see a creepy blonde in the corner making hand hearts towards the stage that may or may not be me.

Got a band or a local establishment we should follow? Tweet us @scenesc and hashtag #TwitterThursday with the account you think we need to know. We’ll be eternally grateful…or at least retweet you.

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