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It’s Thursday, do you know where your Twitter is?  Hopefully it’s in as good of place as mine.  I went on an unfollow spree to get rid of what was clogging up my timeline this week.  Hopefully, if you follow me, you won’t consider me as a timeline clogger-upper, but most likely you do. I apologize for that, but I refuse to change.  The two accounts that are annoying me the least this week, however are @neuesouthern and @eimusic.


First up we have the Neue Southern food truck from Greenville, SC.  I don’t know why it’s suddenly cool to eat food from trucks, but I’m not mad at it.  As a person who frequents fairs and festivals, I’ve been on that food truck tip.  Glad to see it’s becoming domesticated.  Apparently others are as well:

Even vegetarians (or vegetables, I am not sure which she is) seem like they’d be excited about some meaty treats from @neuesouthern.  Sadly, they were not able to accept the request, but I respect anyone who follows up a ‘no’ with an offer for a brownie.

It seems as though the life of a food truck can be a tiring one.  It’s gotta be hard being so popular.

And finally, today after I peep The Weeks at their in-store at Horizon Records in Greenville, I am going to be heading in the direction of Community Tap to get some dinner!

A food truck tweeting ‘it’s a date’ is the closest I’ve come to being asked out in a while.  I’m gonna take it.  Don’t judge me, it’s hard out there you guys.


Next we have @eimusic the Twitter account of the Athens, GA band, Easter Island.

Easter Island took time this week to visit Georgia State’s college radio station.  How much do you think the guy in the front is going to regret that pose?  Dude’s gotta be a giant, too because kneeling he is almost as tall as the cutie in the red top.  I want to know his personal twitter account, I think I may be in love.


Also, if you’ve never heard Easter Island live, well you’re in luck because my timing on this is impeccable.

Well, my timing or their timing.  They did just start following me this week.  I thought it may be because it was true love or they wanted to pass along the number of the guy from Georgia State, but it may be because they know I wield so much influence in the twittosphere that they wanted me to see this show promo.  If so, well played, Easter Island.  If not, so hey, true love then?  Call me!


That’s it for this week’s Twitter Thursday.  If you know of something on Twitter that deserves our undying affection, tweet us @scenesc and hashtag #twitterthursday.

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