Moogfest Must See Acts Volume 1

The chill of fall in the air kindles the anticipation of Moogfest 2012. This year’s lineup comprises a cosmic array of artists that only Moogfest could put together. Here’s a quick rundown of some artists you definitely should not miss!

Squarepusher – Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, has been cranking out innovative drum and bass material for almost two decades. Anyone who is not familiar with his material should be prepared for a mesmerizing experience that will make it hard to wipe the smile off your face. Jenkinson will have you feeling as if you’re running through a timed level of video game with tracks like “Do you know Squarepusher” while rewarding for completing that level with the laid back chill of “Plug Me In”. Squarepusher is easily one of Moogfest 2012’s most anticipated artists.

Similar artists: Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin

The Magnetic Fields – Stephin Merritt manages to capture pop elements from every decade since the beginning of rock and roll and mix them with a unique quirkiness that is the perfect complement to the wit and satire of his lyrics. A dark sense of humor and a good sense of irony will yield a deep appreciation for The Magnetic Fields.

Similar artists: They Might Be Giant, The Mountain Goats

Divine Fits – Members of New Bomb Turks, Wolf Parade and Spoon join forces to create synth-infused indie rock. It’s a killer combination and it shows in their live performances (check them out on YouTube). The driving beats and crunchy guitars lay the foundation for just the right amount of retro synth to get people moving around the dance floor. These seasoned artists know what they’re doing.

Similar artists: Les Savy Fav, White Rabbits


Killer Mike – Hailing from Atlanta, Killer Mike has continued his plight to bring quality gansta rap back to the forefront with his 2012 release R.A.P. Music. It’s a breath of fresh air setup against the last give-or-take decade of mediocre mainstream rap that has dominated the airwaves. It’s not a complete throwback record though. Having El-P for a producer means you get cutting edge innovations while maintaining the core components of badass hip hop. Don’t miss out on this “hard-core G-s**t.”

Similar artists: Outkast, Ice Cube, Murs



El-P – What’s all the buzz about El-P? People act like he hasn’t been blowing peoples’ minds since 1993 with Company Flow. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to believe that any artist who manages to consistently stay light years ahead of everyone has been around that long. Although, few would admit it, mainstream hip hop & rap artists have been ripping off his and his Def Jux cohorts’ material for decades. It’s about time he’s getting a decent amount of recognition. Check out Cancer 4 Cure if you want to hear where everyone else is headed.

Similar artists: Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock (not to be confused with A$ap Rocky – case in point), Murs

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