Stagbriar-The Holt Sessions Episode 2 and 3







After we posted the first Holt Session featuring a Pete Yorn cover we got a retweet from Mr. Yorn himself out to his 1.3 million followers. I didn’t really expect that to happen, and neither did the McCollum’s, but it was a moment of excitement for both of us.

On their second session, Stagbriar covers “Two” by Ryan Adams. A song Adams wrote after fracturing his wrist in a fall on stage at a concert in Liverpool. A fall that not only broke his wrist, but required a surgery that both saved his ability to play guitar, and required him to learn to play again starting from scratch. It’s a great interview with Adams that you can listen to here. Point being, it’s a fairly simple song, that means a lot. It’s what Adam’s does best.

On Easy Tiger Sheryl Crow sings backing vocals. The brother sister duo of Alex and Emily McCollum capture that elegant simplicity of the song while adding their own Southern approach.

Episode 3


In episode 3 we get to know Stagbriar a little bit better featuring a short interview and the first featured original song in the series titled “It Shakes”.