Devereaux “NYXT” Music Video







With the national re-release of the Devereaux EP Cacti Pace on Post Echo, the band and label have released a video for the first single off the record “NYXT”.

There’s something about the video that makes you smile when you might should be shocked. A slight grin from a girl getting hit with a champagne bottle. A teeth showing nervous smile while a balloon pops in the face of a bikini clad girl, the video tip toes along the line of seduction and comedy. As the song begins to break down 3 minutes in, the video starts to warp and become more psychedelic and maddening. First we have the party, the acid hits tongue, projectors light the room, balloons and Christmas lights come out, knife in jello, not threatening, plug in toaster, drop in bathtub, threatening, trial by ordeal, boiling water, over head, dive in bottomless bathtub, come up in baby pool in Finlay Park, come down from trip.

The video fits the Devereaux style. Beat driven experimental synth pop, cut by industrial rock moments. A wonderful ride through the mind of Heyward Sims and an expansion of the guitar stylings he’s shown through past bands Bolt, Death Becomes Even The Maiden, and now Parlour Tricks.

The video comes from the Dinobrite team, who are best known for rocking out. The “NYXT” video stays true to their style, while giving them a canvas to experiment in fresh territories.