#TwitterThursday with @WheresWolfMusic and a Host of G-Cock Lovers

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This week’s #TwitterThursday has several elements that could get me in trouble. I’m going to be referencing a rival, a music genre I do not care for and a band that includes a female musician. Please bear with me as I try to be on my best behavior. As resident firestarter, I am going to try to make this as entertaining as possible without inciting people to track me down and cut me.

The first set of tweets comes to you today from @WheresWolfMusic. Where’s Wolf is an Upstate band that claims to play the melodies you ‘need’ to hear. I appreciate bold confidence like that; therefor they have my respect. They also apparently have new music:

Check it out. You need to. So says me, so says the band.

They also tweet out cryptic messages:

I mean, really?!? You can’t say that. Period. Now ALL I want to know about is this bunny story! Can you guys like just tell us on the side as a SceneSC exclusive? Or just txt it to me? I’m seriously up nights over this y’all.

And finally, if you agree that @WheresWolfMusic is something you need in your life, tonight could be your lucky night.

Where’s Wolf, you had me at free. You also had me at your soothing melodies. Seriously, I feel like anyone with stress should be prescribed Where’s Wolf as a treatment.

Our next peek into the world of twitter is subject based rather than account based. With the South Carolina/Georgia game coming up, I wanted to showcase what everyone has been tweeting about the matchup. I did not attend South Carolina or Georgia, so you might wonder why this is on my radar. Well first, our SceneSC HQ is in Columbia and apparently this game is on everyone’s radar:

I mean, seriously…this game is big enough that they are running promos during MNF? I believe that in and of itself says something about the caliber of the game and that it’s popular beyond the SEC region. I know I’ll be heading home after my game to check it out.

I do have one little point of contention on this game, however:

Ol’ Steve is the poster boy on the tickets for this game. That slightly bothers me. I just feel like there are so many players who are kicking butt this season that should be featured on these. Maybe it’s just me, but it did make me chuckle to see Spurrier and his visor in a model pose.

Even hometown heroes are publicly declaring their allegiance to Carolina:

Darius is my idol. This is not sarcastic or a joke. I am sincerely on board with anything he does. It was a little uncomfortable for me when he made is foray into country music; however, I did cry when he got to sing at the Opry. If he started a cult, I would probably join.

If you are going to the game and not uncomfortable with country music, you’re in for a pleasant surprise:

If you’re in South Carolina and you aren’t in Columbia Saturday, please be prepared to hear all about what you’re missing out on. This one’s going to be big folks! I hope Lee Corso puts on Cocky’s head, especially since he’s had so much past beef with the Gamecocks. Cross your fingers!

That’s all for this week’s edition of Twitter Thursday. Send us your suggestions to @scenesc and hashtag #twitterthursday.

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