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#TwitterThursday on Friday with @MiloGreene and @KongScreenPrint

So, this Twitter Thursday is arriving on Friday.  Why?  Well because I fell in true love this week, folks.  I fell in love with the city of Austin, TX.  When I came home I was in a state of depression that lasted over 24 full hours and completely missed the entire day that was Thursday.  I’m semi-normal now and gonna bring you some of the joys I experienced while away.

The first is a band I got to hear at the famous Stubb’s BBQ, @MiloGreene.  Someone asked me what this band sounded like and my response was “If all my favorite bands had a baby, this would be it.”  That’s either a true statement or I am not good at descriptions.  Either way, they are funny:

I love combining things.  Just like the cheesecake blizzard, this combination is sure to be a hit.

Speaking of hits, @MiloGreene must be one with our North Carolina friends:

I can also appreciate that while they may be super-cool dudes and dudette that they still can get on my level every once in a while:

Ugh, I just got another heart pang remembering my precious time away.  Can anyone come console me?  I need some ice cream and The Postal Service, stat!

The next cool little thing I got to experience in Austin was the studio for @KongScreenPrint.  After being Twitter friends for what seems like my whole-tweet-life, I finally got to see what Ryan and Bruce do at the shop.

Isn’t that like the coolest looking place to work ever?  Well, cool meaning awesome, because apparently sometimes it gets a little steamy up in there.  I think it has something to do with the adorable little sculptor they share the space with, but I doubt the Kong guys share in that opinion.

So what does screen printing have to do with music?  Well I mean, duh, everyone loves t-shirts for their bands right?  These guys do some gnar designs.  But also, they make show and event posters:

Anywho, I suggest you check out their stuff.  Also, they gave me tons of free stickers.  If you want one, tweet at me.  They look good on laptops and lampposts.

If you have suggestions for our #TwitterThursday (Friday,whatevs) please tweet them to @SceneSC.  Or you can follow me and I’ll take the hint.  Not on twitter, though, I mean follow me in real life.  Nothing gets you noticed more than light stalking!

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