6 Tips For Navigating Moogfest

The organizers of Moogfest go out of their way to make sure patrons will have good time. But having attended every year, we’ve come up with a list of pro tips to help make the experience even more enjoyable.


1. Dress in Layers – It might be warm when you get there but it gets very cold at night this time of year. Last year it was down in the 20’s at night and the year before there were snow flurries.

2. Wear a costume – It’s Halloween at an electronic music festival so you’d think this goes without saying.

3. Park near the venue you’ll frequent most – Parking garages charge less than parking lots and you can still get pretty close to the venues. It’s also nice to jet out to the car for a snack between shows.

4. Bring ear plugs (and wear them) – If you haven’t gotten used to wearing ear plugs at concerts then get used to not being able to hear. Not only do ear plugs protect your ears – they block out frequencies that no one wants to hear.

5. Don’t carry tons of stuff in your pockets – The smaller the venue, the tighter the security, the more thoroughly you’ll be searched. Keep belongings to a minimum unless you want to be emptying your pockets every time you walk into a venue. If you followed rule #3 then you’ll have plenty of time jet back to the car for anything you need.

6. Have a good time – The city of Asheville is gracious enough to host this wonderful event and rarely is there any trouble from the patrons. Don’t make a legacy for yourself.

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